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I found these things for AVO. I’m super impressed with myself for getting it so right with the fit. I put the clothes on myself and tried to remember where the shoulder point on his shirts hit me.

I was so excited to see it things fit correctly that I made him try it on right away, hence the extreme wrinkles.

I can’t get over how well this wool shirt fits.

The third thing I found for him is was this jacket. I measured from the center back of the collar to the shoulder point and thought 9″ seemed familiar from having checked the measurement on a jacket that fits him well, but it was a long time ago so I wasn’t sure if I was remembering right.

I was. The shoulder fit is spot on. It’s too big in the waste, but who knows, maybe I’ll advance in my sewing enough to take it in for him. Oooouuuu technical term alert! A little research reveals the narrowed waist in a man’s jacket is called “waist suppression”. Maybe it’s called that on a lady’s jacket, too. I’m not sure. Supposedly altering waist suppression is pretty doable–as opposed to changing the placement of the shoulders which would be a total drag/most likely ruin the jacket if attempted by a not professional (me).

He was really in to everything. I love findings things for someone when they’re not shopping with me and then have the clothes fit and have the person like them. Pulling things off the rack for people is fun too but not the same rush. While he was trying things on I was doing a little happy dance.


I recently sewed this lil’ buddy:

We were calling it Catbear. It’s for AS’s baby who is due this summer. I made it out of hot pink baby whale corduroy. The face is embroidery thread. I used this pattern. I changed it up a bit. I left off the muzzle and did the face differently.

Then I made this lil’ guy:

We’ve been calling him Pillow Guy. He went to a friend’s new baby. He’s made from an old cashmere sweater. I now have a reason to buy the thrift store cashmere sweater that seems perfect (yeah!), but on closer inspection has holes (no!). Oh no, I feel a bout of fabric hording coming on.

I used the same pattern as Catbear, but I tried to make it a little bigger. Somehow I mostly just made him wider, more pillowy. I didn’t have embroidery thread in the right color, so I improvised and just used a few strands of regular thread. I do not recommend this method. I was a mega pain. The thread really wanted to tangle. When I made a stitch all the threads wouldn’t come through evenly. Then when I pulled on the stitch to even it out it would get really tight on a few strands but stay all baggy on the problem strand. Whatevs. I’m just saying lots of threads do not equal embroidery thread.

Aww look they’re friends.