Happiness is a set of red metal drawers. I found this at Goodwill with AR during our thrift store extravaganza (which was more shop ’til you’re starving than shop ’til you drop). I’ve been looking for something to store my small drawings in for a while now and nothing has come close to the awesomeness of this.

I put all my small drawings in it and am so pleased–such an improvement over the “system” it replaces. LOVE it.


There was some confusion about scale. It’s petite which is perfect for my drawings. Here is a picture to clarify:

Some women like to match their shoes to their handbag or their lipstick to their dress. Me, I match my furniture to my tools. That reminds me, I saw a lady on Martha Stewart who gold-leafed her tools. You have to watch the video to see them. I’m not saying I’ll go there, but I’m not promising I won’t either. If I do, you’ll be the first to see my golden hammer.